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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Lease Returns at Team Toyota of Langhorne near Trenton 08601

If you are looking for a quality Toyota RAV4 Hybrid at an affordable price, we have the answer Team Toyota of Langhorne’s lease return cars for sale. Here at Team Toyota of Langhorne near {location] 08601, we know that our customers come with a range of budget and financial needs, which is why we strive to offer vehicles at every price point. Make an appointment today to find out more!

If you’ve gotten discouraged by the condition or the year of used vehicle models you’ve seen elsewhere, there is still another avenue you might not have discovered. Toyota model} lease returns from Team Toyota of Langhorne near Trenton 08601 are a great way to get a quality vehicle that still has a lot of life left in its wheels! We take pride in our vehicles, whether it’s a sedan or an SUV and we make sure when they come back from a leasing agreement that they are still in prime condition. This means that you can rest assured that our selection is going to provide you with a car that, although it has had previous drivers, has always been maintained by the watchful eye of our dealership.

For various reasons, customers end up opting out of lease agreement early, which provides Team Toyota of Langhorne with the opportunity to offer you a current model vehicle at a price that only reflects the mileage or the condition it is in. You’ll be able to get the model you’ve been dreaming of without having to settle for a used version that is many years old. As we mentioned before, you won’t be looking a mystery vehicle -we always include full maintenance reports with our lease returns.

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of the benefits, it’s time to take the next step! Here at Team Toyota of Langhorne near {location] 08601, we have a dedicated staff that is ready to assist you from beginning to end. Our sales team is knowledgeable in our current selection and our ongoing special offers. If you need help working out your budget, or finding the loan that won’t drown you in debt, our Finance Team wants to build a payment plan that eases the stress of purchasing a lease return. Getting the one-on-one attention you deserve is just a phone call away!

Don’t let your financial situation keep you from getting on the road and enjoying the independence that comes with owning a vehicle. Instead, make Team Toyota of Langhorne near {location] 08601 your trusted source for lease returns. With our varied selection and commitment to customer service, there’s no better place to go!

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Pre-owned Sales Victor Pides
Victor Pides
Pre-owned Sales
Pre-Owned Sales Ken  Griffis
Ken Griffis
Pre-Owned Sales
Sales Consultant Scott  Singer
Scott Singer
Sales Consultant
Pre-Owned Sales Richard  Grey
Richard Grey
Pre-Owned Sales

Richard Grey went to college in Pittsburgh and was a Business and Marketing major in the 70s. He considers himself to be a product of the 70s. He has been in sales for his entire life, and it seems to be his calling. He started with Team Toyota in the mid 90s. He temporarily left to pursue a V.P. of Sales position in the health insurance industry. Ten years later, we were fortunate to welcome him back to Team Toyota.

Richard is a passionate Philadelphia sports fan and animal lover. He loves to cook and has taken formal French cooking lessons as a hobby. His main calling, however, seems to be finding the right car at the right price that satisfies the wants and needs of his customers. Richard has won many Toyota Sales Society awards.

New Car Sales Tom  Mellon
Tom Mellon
New Car Sales

Tom was born to Dolores and Thomas who were native Philadelphians. He and his wife Geri share four wonderful children and three grandchildren. Tom grew up in the Northeast-Mayfair section of Philadelphia where he had many happy and memorable experiences with friends. Tom spent 12 years in the catholic parochial school system followed by two years of college at Philadelphia Community College and Temple University. He enjoys leisure time with his family and friends, movies, golf, cookouts, horseshoes and vigorous bike rides.

At 22, Tom graduated from the Philadelphia Police Academy. For many years, he proudly served the streets of Philadelphia as a Patrol Officer and "Undercover Detective" until he was injured in pursuit of burglars.

Tom subsequently accepted a casino marketing position with the Harrah's Entertainment Company, but he wanted to pursue a dynamic career where he could both help as well as reward the community. Three years ago, Tom comprised the "Police and Fire Recognition Program," a business model that Paul Muller, the dealership's owner, embraced. This business plan provides exclusive vehicle prices for all active and retired Police Officers, Firefighters, Correctional Officers, Sheriffs, EMTs, Paramedics and their family members. Each time a vehicle is purchased in our program, Mr. Muller contributes $50 to either the Survivors Fund or Widows Fund. "I have found my niche, my home and will forever be grateful to the entire management team and staff at Team Toyota who enable me to grow this terrific program," says Tom.

New Car Sales Mike  Kogan
Mike Kogan
New Car Sales
New Car Sales Rich  Rodgers
Rich Rodgers
New Car Sales

Rich Rodgers has 40+ years of experience in consumer sales and service. He has spent the past three years in automotive sales.

Rich's sales philosophy is simple. He treats customers with the same manner and professionalism with which he would like to be treated. Rich will provide a wealth of product knowledge in assistance during the decision-making process. It is important to him that he's a resource for the customer throughout all phases of the car-buying experience; before, during and after the sale.

Rich chose to work at Team Toyota because he believes in a quality product and dealership that will put its customers first and foremost when it comes to service and the car-buying experience. He considers Team Toyota to excel in all of these important aspects.

Outside of work, Rich enjoys spending time with his family (especially his granddaughters). He also enjoys billiards and playing basketball.

Pre-Owned Sales Rich  Magaziner
Rich Magaziner
Pre-Owned Sales

Rich Magaziner has been a lifelong resident of southeastern Pennsylvania. He grew up in Philadelphia and has been living in Bucks County since 1979.

His background in the automotive industry began in the late 1970s as an owner/partner in a tire and automotive repair business. Rich's automotive sales experience began in 1996. He always keeps the concerns and issues of his repeat, referral and new customers in mind when a vehicle is purchased.

Rich is married with one son, one daughter and 5 grandchildren. This is where Rich spends all of his off-time from work.

Pre-Owned Sales Mike  McAteer
Mike McAteer
Pre-Owned Sales

Mike McAteer has lived in Bensalem, PA for the past 20 years. He is an active member of the St. Ephrem Church and enjoys vacations to the Jersey Shore.

Mike has been in automotive sales for 18 years. He believes in making sure his customers are "Completely Satisfied" before, during and after they take possession of their new vehicles. Mike has worked for Team Toyota for 13 years and continues to work at Team Toyota because the management team shares his belief in "Completely Satisfied."

"We continue to make sure our customers are happy during the entire time they have ownership of their vehicles. Unrivaled support from Toyota-Certified technicians working at the largest service center in the Tri-State area makes this a reality," explains Mike.

New Car Sales Anthony  Hinds
Anthony Hinds
New Car Sales

Anthony Hinds has been selling cars in the auto business for about 12 years. He was once a manager, but prefers sales because he works well with customers. Prior to the car business, Anthony was a branch manager for 17 years at a bank in New York City. Because of both a relocation from New York City and a passion for cars, Anthony now works in the car business. In his 12 years in the car business, he has helped many customers with their needs and has made families very excited and happy with their purchases.

Anthony is married with four children. His son James is an occupational therapist, his son Pierre is a chef in New York City, his son Andre works with the Federal Government in Florida, and his daughter Marsha is a recent graduate with degrees in criminal psychology and sociology. Anthony is an active member of the Block Association which won "Best City Block" in Pennsylvania in 2011. He loves cooking and bowling and actually appeared on a nationally televised bowling show. He also appeared in a couple TV interviews about the Toyota Prius Hybrid. As a result, he gained many customers.

Anthony works for Team Toyota because, "Team Toyota employees are very professional and have processes that work well. Also, we are a family away from our own families," he likes to say. Anthony knows that barring a situation out of his control, he has a permanent home at Team Toyota.

Pre-Owned Sales Carlos  Nuñez
Carlos Nuñez
Pre-Owned Sales

Carlos began his career in car sales in 1983. 30 years in the automotive industry has taught him many things about people and the evolution of the automobiles.

Selling cars has been a wonderful career choice and Carlos hopes to be here at Team Toyota for many years to come.

Sales Consultant Mark  Goldberg
Mark Goldberg
Sales Consultant
Sales Consultant Jason  Woldorf
Jason Woldorf
Sales Consultant
Pre-Owned Sales Kevin  Evans
Kevin Evans
Pre-Owned Sales
Sales Consultant Mazin
Mazin "Ozzy" Hamad
Sales Consultant
Sales Consultant Jeff  Madison
Jeff Madison
Sales Consultant
Sales Consultant Matthew  MacDonald
Matthew MacDonald
Sales Consultant
Sales Consultant Mark V.  Elton
Mark V. Elton
Sales Consultant
Sales Consultant Derek Stewart
Derek Stewart
Sales Consultant
Sales Consultant Dan  Formagiu
Dan Formagiu
Sales Consultant
Pre-Owned Sales  Chris  Nguyen
Chris Nguyen
Pre-Owned Sales
Sales Consultant Franke  Marte
Franke Marte
Sales Consultant
New Car Sales Kevin VanVorst Jr.
Kevin VanVorst Jr.
New Car Sales
Pre-Owned Sales  Andrea Adams
Andrea Adams
Pre-Owned Sales